Digital Consulting

Our highly qualified experts provide customized solutions tailored to the individual requirements and goals of our clients. Our consulting services include the development of IT strategies and roadmaps, integration of systems and applications, and ensuring security and data integrity. We have extensive experience across various industries and can quickly adapt to changing market conditions. We are confident in our ability to help you optimize your business processes and enhance your performance. Here are our focus areas:

Digital Phone Systems

We offer our expertise in systems like Asterisk, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and 3cx to optimize your digital communication. Our experienced team is ready to understand your needs and find the right solution for you.

CRM and ERP Systems

To assist in optimizing your business processes, increasing efficiency, and improving customer satisfaction, we provide consulting on CRM and ERP systems from Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics, as well as industry-specific solutions.

IT Security

We ensure the protection of your data and IT systems against cyber threats. Our team employs modern security technologies to minimize risks. Together, we strengthen your IT defense and promote a secure digital environment.

Cloud Solutions

We support you in selecting, implementing, and managing cloud solutions that meet your requirements. Our team helps you fully leverage cloud technology benefits and modernize your IT infrastructure.

Digitalization Strategy

Our consultants work with you to develop a comprehensive digitalization strategy based on your goals and resources. We guide you through the implementation of this strategy and help you successfully integrate digital technologies into your business.