In our digital workshop, your online presence is crafted by hand: A portal that delivers your message clearly, quickly, and effectively. As a seasoned company in brand identity, web development, online marketing, and IT consulting, Webwerk boasts a highly qualified team with around 30 years of experience. Additionally, we have built a network of leading industry experts to ensure expertise in every field. In a no-obligation consultation, we will analyze your requirements and budget with you to ensure optimal implementation. With excellent customer service and direct contacts, we offer smooth and reliable performance that delights your users and boosts your business success. Trust Webwerk to maximize your online potential.


Case Studies

Website of Catering Dupre

by Webwerk Admin

Webwerk successfully launched the new website of Catering Dupre. The modern CMS Contao and OpenAI were used in the process.

Hölles Sportcards Shop

by Webwerk Admin

Hölles Sportcards successfully launched their online store with Shopware 6, increasing sales and expanding their customer base.


by Webwerk Admin

CONTA ProNat Bauconsult GmbH successfully digitalized all processes, increasing efficiency and employee satisfaction.

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70 %

Online Marketing

80 %

Digital Consulting

60 %

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