What We Do

Webwerk can support you in developing your brand identity to effectively reach your target audience. Our team of experienced web developers can create a user-friendly website or online store tailored to your needs. We also offer comprehensive consulting services for all areas of web and IT management as well as online marketing. With our professional online marketing solutions, we ensure that you are more easily found on the internet and reach your target audience. Let's work together to optimize your online presence and increase your success in the digital space.


Brand Identity

Web Development

Online Marketing

Web and IT Consulting

Brand Identity

A strong brand identity helps to stand out from the competition and build trust and credibility with customers. It includes elements such as the logo, colors, typography, and design, and can be used in marketing and communication materials. A professionally developed brand identity is important for the success of a business. We operate in the following areas:

Logo Design

An important part of the brand identity is logo design. A well-designed logo is a crucial visual element that is immediately recognizable and represents the brand. It should be unique and appealing and reflect the values and offerings of your business.

Style Guide

Another important aspect of brand identity is the style guide. It defines how your company is visually represented, including colors, fonts, and images. A style guide helps ensure a consistent visual presentation and ensures that your company is always recognizable.

Domain Names

Finding a suitable domain name is also crucial for being found online and building a professional and trustworthy brand. We offer professional services to search for the right domain name, purchase the domain name, and manage domain names.


Photos also play an important role in creating a strong brand identity. They can be used to showcase your business and what it has to offer. They should be unique and appealing and help strengthen your brand and leave a lasting impression on customers.


A successful name can help a company stand out from the competition and be memorable to customers. It can also support the image and brand identity of the company and contribute to improving customer confidence. Let our experts advise you.

Web Development

From website creation to online marketing, we are your extended arm in the digital world, ensuring that you stay up-to-date. Together, we create a web presence that represents your business and helps you get found quickly on the internet. Be ready for success with our full-service web agency by your side! These are our core competencies:

Web Design

An important part of our web development process is web design. Our designers are experts in the field and work closely with you to develop an attractive and user-friendly web design that clearly and easily represents your brand and your content.


Our shop solutions with Shopware and Magento allow you to sell your products and services online easily and securely. We offer user-friendly and powerful online shops that are designed for a smooth ordering and payment experience for your customers.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is also an important part of our offering. We provide reliable and secure web hosting service that ensures your website is always available and loads quickly. Our hosting service is monitored by experienced technicians to ensure it remains powerful.

Social Media

We offer comprehensive services in the area of social media. Whether you want to build or optimize your social media presence, we support you. From strategy development to content creation to social media advertising - we offer everything you need for a successful social media presence.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is essential to succeed in the digital age. It helps to reach the right target audience and increase visibility. A well-planned strategy can help you stay visible in the competition and acquire new customers. We offer the following areas to position your business successfully online:

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a marketing strategy that aims to promote and sell businesses and their products or services through social media. We engage in this type of marketing on popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other networks.

Display Advertising

Display advertising refers to the use of ads displayed on third-party websites and apps. These ads can come in various formats, such as banner ads, pop-up ads, or ads in the form of video or audio content.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a way to be found on the first pages of search engines. By running paid ads (pay-per-click advertising), you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and gain new customers.

Content Marketing

Content marketing can help drive more traffic to your website and strengthen the trust of your users and your brand. Regularly published posts, blog articles, or videos are interesting and relevant to your target audience. We support you in creating your content.

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is a way to reach and retain customers. Through personalized newsletters and automated email campaigns, you can send targeted information and offers to your subscribers and increase your sales.

Influencer Marketing

Now, take advantage of our large network of influencers who have a large following on social media platforms to make your product or services known to the relevant target audience.


Affiliate marketing is an effective way to acquire new customers through referral marketing. As an affiliate partner, you promote other companies' products or services and receive a commission for it.

Web and IT Consulting

Our highly qualified experts offer tailored solutions that are customized to the individual requirements and goals of our clients. Our consulting services include the development of IT strategies and roadmaps, the integration of systems and applications, and ensuring security and data integrity. We have extensive experience in various industries and are able to quickly respond to changing market conditions. We are confident that we can help you optimize your business processes and improve your performance. The following areas are our focus:

Digital Phone Systems

We offer our expertise in the area of Asterisk, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and 3cx to optimize your digital communication. Our experienced team is happy to assist you in understanding your requirements and finding the right solution for you.

CRM and ERP Systems

To help you optimize your business processes, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction, we offer consulting on CRM and ERP systems from Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics, as well as industry-specific solutions.

IT Security

We ensure the protection of your data and IT systems against cyber threats. Our team employs modern security technologies to minimize risks. Together, we bolster your IT defenses and promote a secure digital environment.

Cloud Solutions

We support you in selecting, implementing, and managing cloud solutions that meet your requirements. Our team helps you to optimize the benefits of cloud technology and modernize your IT infrastructure.

Digitalization Strategy

Our consultants work with you to develop a comprehensive digitalization strategy based on your goals and resources. We accompany you in the implementation of the strategy and help you to successfully integrate digital technologies into your business.