Website of Catering Dupre

by Webwerk Admin

Report on the Creation of the New Website for Catering Dupre

Project Overview
As a web agency, Webwerk is pleased to announce the successful completion of the web project for our esteemed client, Catering Dupre. This report summarizes the key phases of development and the services provided that contributed to the realization of the new company website.

Domain Setup and Registration
The foundation of the project was the setup of the domain, specifically configured to meet the needs of email and web hosting. Significant DNS adjustments were made to ensure the accessibility and functional integrity of the website.

Installation of the Core System
For the technical implementation, we chose the Content Management System (CMS) Contao, version 5. This powerful system was selected for its flexibility and user-friendliness and now serves as a solid basis for the website.

Template Installation and Customization
The ONEO template from Rocksolidthemes was purchased and implemented as the visual foundation. To ensure a uniform appearance that corresponds to Dupre's corporate design, the template was extensively customized.

Content Creation with ChatGPT
A special feature of our development was the use of ChatGPT for creating high-quality text content. This technology enabled us to generate precise and appealing content, optimally tailored to the target audience of Catering Dupre.

Image Generation with ChatGPT
In addition to text content, we also used ChatGPT to generate visual content that complements the design and texts of the website. These custom images enhance the visual appeal and contribute to the overall aesthetics of the site.

META Data Generation
To optimize online visibility and SEO performance, specific META data were created and integrated for key pages such as the homepage, "What We Do", "Who We Are", "Contact", "Legal Notice", and "Privacy Policy".

Customization of Photos and Logos
Individual photos and logos of Dupré were professionally edited and incorporated into the website to ensure a consistent and professional representation of the company.

Form Customizations
The configuration and customization of web forms were also carried out to enable intuitive and efficient user interaction with the website.

Future Extension: Image Gallery
An extension is planned with the integration of an image gallery that will visually highlight Dupre's services and further enhance their presentation.

Collaborating with Catering Dupre was an extremely enriching experience for our team at Webwerk. We are proud to have delivered a website that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally meets the requirements and desires of the client. We are confident that the new website will significantly improve the online presence of Catering Dupre and look forward to developing the website further with future extensions.

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