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by Webwerk Admin

Report on the Implementation and Completion of the Online Store for Hölles Sportcards


Hölles Sportcards, a leading provider of sports trading cards, has successfully launched its online store to expand digital commerce and reach a broader customer base. This report outlines the key phases of implementation, the challenging aspects of the project, and the final results of the implementation.

Planning Phase

  1. Objective Definition: Setting the goals for the online store, including expanding market access, enhancing customer retention, and increasing revenue.
  2. Technology Selection: Choosing Shopware 6 as the platform for e-commerce, based on its user-friendliness and scalability.
  3. Design and User Experience: Developing a user-friendly design that reflects the brand identity of Hölles Sportcards and enables intuitive navigation.

Development Phase

  1. Product Integration: Incorporating the entire product catalog into the Shopware platform, including detailed descriptions, high-resolution images, and price categorization.
  2. Function Customization: Implementing specific features such as advanced search filters, customer reviews, and real-time inventory updates.
  3. Testing Phase: Conducting extensive tests to ensure the functionality and usability of the store.

Implementation Phase

  1. Team Training: Training the sales staff and support employees to ensure effective use of the new system.
  2. Marketing Campaign: Launching a comprehensive marketing campaign that includes social media, email marketing, and SEO to promote the store to the target audience.
  3. Launch: Officially going live with the online store after a final review and approval.


  • Revenue Increase: Significant increase in revenue within the first three months after launch.
  • Customer Reach: Expansion of the customer base beyond regional boundaries.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Positive feedback due to the user-friendliness and product variety.


  • Technical Difficulties: Initial problems with the integration of payment systems were quickly resolved.
  • Logistics: Adapting the logistics processes to the increased order volume required additional optimizations.


The launch of the online store for Hölles Sportcards was a significant success. It not only increased sales figures and expanded customer reach but also laid the foundation for future growth and further digitalization projects. Ongoing optimization of the store and adaptation to customer feedback will continue to be a high priority to ensure long-term success in e-commerce.

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